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Dante and Virgilio witness a devil ripping a soul's chest.  Click here to see larger picture.
Devil Opens Souls' Chests

Dante and Virgil watch sinners hurting themselves.  Click here to see larger picture.
Sinners Hurting Themselves

Dante and Virgil face Lucifer in Hell.  Click here to see larger picture.
Dante Faces Lucifer

• International Artists:Silvia Colloca (Italy), Axel Neumann (Germany), Fabiana Udenio (Argentina), Antonio Cupo (Canada), Dalia Hernandez (Mexico), Austin Brooks, Jeff Conaway, Jenn Gotzon, Diane Salinger, Vincent Spano, etc. (United States).

Our cast will be of as many countries as possible. The above names are only a few among 86 speaking characters in the Inferno movie alone.

• Extras: These actors will be those that, "On Location", will be found living the real hell in this life of ours, those that have been left aside by society and are being deprived of food and shelter, often called "homeless". Also, if needed, on location actors will be seeked.
• Director: Armand Mastroianni A great director who's latest film is the long awaited “The Celestine Prophecy”. Earlier, Mr. Mastroianni directed “He Knows You're Alone” with Tom Hanks and "The Linda McCartney Story". Mr. Mastroianni also directed some great TV episodes of "Touched by an Angel".

• Director of Photography: 3D Cinematographer Chuck Shuman (Lord of the Rings, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Avatar).

• Soundtrack Team: Sound Designer - Randy Thom (Star Wars, Star Trek 3, Shrek 3, Harry Potter). Composer - Aldo De Tata. Music Director - Boris Acosta.

• Note to All Artists from Around the World: If you are a proven actor or actress with a track record and wish to participate in The Divine Comedy movies, feel free to contact us with your resume. If you have an agent, have him/her contact us.